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This website has been made for people who are concerned about how drugs are affecting their lives – whether it’s because of their own use or because someone close to them has a problem.

The stories you will hear are told by people who have used drugs. They are everyday New Zealanders whose drug taking has impacted on their lives.

Through the experiences of others, you will find there is hope for change.

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Do I have a problem? Start now, test your drug use

Our latest videos

Malcolm talking about how he found a way into recovery Malcolm, Trent, Maddy and others talk about the ups and downs on the road to recovery.
Bumpy road to recovery video (added April 2011)

Making changes

Not sure what to do about your drug use? Find out ways to help yourself.

Worried about a friend?

Get help and support to help someone to deal with a loved one's drug problem. Find out more.