The MethHelp Team

The MethHelp Team are a specialised team at Odyssey in Christchurch whose sole purpose is to help people who're worried about their meth use. It’s a free, confidential phone counselling service for anyone in New Zealand.

Call 0800 METH HELP (0800 6384 4357)

Along with phone based referrals, the MethHelp Team provides:

  • Advice on how to be safer when using meth
  • Self-help material designed for people who use meth
  • A follow-up service where calls are arranged in advance at a time that suits
  • Brief but involved help with cutting down or stopping
  • Assistance with finding and getting treatment
  • Support to people waiting for face-to-face counselling
  • Support for whānau and friends of someone using meth

The MethHelp Team is staffed by trained counsellors with a range of experiences including lived experience of meth and other drugs. They’re not 24/7 but they are available Monday to Friday with flexible evening availability on these days. A member of the team may not be available when you call, but leave a message and someone will get in touch within one working day.

MethHelp TeamThe MethHelp Team is a FREE telephone-based counselling service run by Odyssey, a Christchurch based drug treatment service.

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