10 ways to keep well

10 ways to keep well if using meth

Using meth is a risk to your physical and mental health. That said, most of the harm comes not from meth itself but from the stupid stuff people do, or don't do, when they're on meth.

  1. When taking meth, eat something every 4 or 5 hours; drink more water than normal; and if you’ve been awake longer than 24 hours, have a break and relax for a while.
  2. Brush your teeth after eating food or drinking sweet drinks.
  3. You can’t sleep on meth; if you want to sleep later don’t use it after 3pm. 
  4. Avoid mixing meth with other drugs or medications, especially hallucinogens and MAOI antidepressants. It’s hard to predict how one affects another in your system. 
  5. Protect yourself from HIV and STIs. Meth can make you very sexual and a bigger risk taker at the same time.
  6. Swallowing meth allows your body to use its own filters. It saves your lungs from damage, produces a smoother and longer lasting high, and you’re less likely to use more.
  7. If using a glass pipe, clean the inside regularly to remove burnt residue which could be inhaled. 
  8. Glass pipes become brittle and get super hot. Be careful with it to avoid burns or cuts, and use a Pyrex pipe if possible.
  9. Injecting meth is risky. It requires experience to reduce the chance of abscesses, collapsed veins, and infections like Hepatitis C or HIV. If you plan to inject, always use a new needle and avoid sharing any equipment. There are needle exchanges throughout New Zealand.
  10. Meth is illegal. It’s also illegal to own a pipe. Be discreet and only keep less than 5 grams for personal use.

Another way to stay safer is to use HALTS.

Questioning my useDoubts and worries about using can crop up, then fade away. Even if things started out fun, things can get out of control.

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